About earplugs4you

earplugs4you.co.uk was created by staff from the licensing trade. Working in loud, noisy pubs, bars and nightclubs, people have to be provided with quality protection for their hearing to meet specific Health & Safety requirements. Earplugs need to be able to reduce background noise to a safe level, whilst being comfortable for prolonged use.

Having supplied noise reduction earplugs for several years, it was a logical step to develop a retail service where this experience and knowledge could be shared with a wider audience.

Our goal is to help people find a suitable noise reduction earplug or ear safety product that best suits their needs. As well as protection for clubbers and staff, we have experience of earplugs for sleeping; hearing protection for musicians; and ear protection for swimmers.

Whether looking to reduce background noise, block out snoring earplugs or waterproof protection while swimming, earplugs4you.co.uk will enable you to find the best earplugs for you.